Direct quote from a garbage human being: “This man’s reputation and livelihood are threatened by those who know nothing about the ag business,” one commenter wrote. “Raccoons are not cute little furry creatures. They are very destructive and dangerous. They can be rabid and you can be overrun with them in a short time.”

Here’s a reminder of what raccoons look like:


Why are we lionizing people like this?

He breeds thousands upon thousands of lambs, many of which die horrible and painful deaths, because he feels a compulsive need to “maintain the tradition of the land.” This is regressive and destrucitve and brings more suffering to the world.




I just want to cry.

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“A cow escaped from a nearby slaughterhouse and ran into a grocery store. It was shot dead after running through the aisles. What’s odd is that grocery stores are already full of dead animals — they’re just packaged nice and pretty. What’s really the difference?”