In the Texas Panhandle, which produces a fifth of the U.S. beef supply, communities are being choked by fecal dust from nearby feedlots. The state’s regulatory agency isn’t doing anything about it—and it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

Harvard Magazine.

Richard Epstein — the now infamous NYU Law professor whose writing is apparently causing the Trump administration to take less action against COVID-19 — has also vigorously argued against animal rights.

Common Dreams.

We must stop tearing down forests to make way for animal farming or to grow animal feed. We must protect ecosystems and prioritise the safety and freedom of wild animals, leaving them to live their lives away from human contact. If we don’t take urgent and far-reaching action now, eating animals will be the death of us.

Washington Post.

“China and other governments around the world must act quickly and decisively to end the wild animal trade. Unless that happens, we predict with confidence that covid-19 will not be the last viral pandemic. There will be others, as long as wild animals are widely exploited for food and for other purposes, whether in China or elsewhere.” 

– Jared Diamond, author of “Guns, Germs, and Steel,” and virologist Nathan Wolfe

Sentient Media.

The Chinese government has permanently banned the wildlife markets suspected to be at the center of the COVID-19 pandemic. Will factory farms be next?

“We cut the trees; we kill the animals or cage them and send them to markets. We disrupt ecosystems, and we shake viruses loose from their natural hosts. When that happens, they need a new host. Often, we are it.”



The planet’s tallest animal is in far greater danger than people might think.

The Atlantic.