it’s weird that i’ve had a blog for more than four months, an only now am i opening my soul to all ye who read it. [hi evan! keep up the good work! -evan]

anyways…i’m not really gonna open my soul, but i have decided that eating right before bed is a bad idea. seems that every time i do so i wake up in the middle of the night, running away from some sort of all-powerful enemy who i have no chance of destroying, only to then spend the rest of the night/morning trying without success to get in another rem cycle. speaking of which, this bleary-eyed middle-ground in which i spend my waking hours is starting to wear thin. i think my addiction to audio/visual stimuli is the main hurdle between me and anything resembling a decent amount of sleep. or maybe it’s the six grams of meth i shoot while brushing my teeth. whatever the case, i’ve gotta get on the sleep train, and in a hurry.

on that note, i’m going to attempt to board the sleep train before 1 am for the first time in recorded history tonight. wish me luck.