i don’t generally slander people publicly, but i feel compelled to show you people what fellow game journalist geoff keighley decided to tell the world about himself, via his website, gameslice.com:

“Geoff Keighley can justly lay claim to the title, ‘dean of the gaming press.’ A contributing writer to Entertainment Weekly and Business 2.0, Keighley has spent the last twelve years–half his life–covering the videogame industry as a reviewer, business reporter, and television correspondent. No journalist has done more to explore and explain how this booming business actually works, and to hold it accountable for its misfires.”

geoff: could you be more of a dipshit? fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

PS – you just overtook bill o’reilly as my most hated person. congratulations.

PPS – you don’t deserve the distinction. back down to second bill, you’re back in the top spot.