…but here are a couple of recent game-related quotes from fAmOuZ pEopLE i found interesting:

Peter Jackson.
Rolling Stone: “When do you have time to play video games?”

Peter Jackson: “At night and on the weekends. I made sure I got Halo 2 the first day it was in stores. I don’t really get that excited about most films anymore. I don’t know whether it’s because I make them or because I’m just not that excited about the ones being made. But Halo reminded me of what it was like when I was a kid waiting for the next James Bond film to come out or the next Ray Harryhausen film: three weeks to go, two weeks to go…”

Kanye West.
Scratch: “So what was the first piece of equipment that [you] bought?

Kanye West: “I had a sound program for my Amiga Computer.”

Scratch: “And I bet you bought the Amiga for the games and graphics.”

Kanye: “Yeah, it had 496 colors and it was like five or six hundred dollars. I wanted to make videogames, so I also wanted to make the music for them. So once I got to that point, I just stopped there and started making beats. That was seventh grade — who wants to make videogames in the seventh grade?”