caught one of these little buggers tonight. got him with a glue trap. after about nine months of mental torment, i thought catching the little dude would be a major relief, but instead it was just kinda sad. pouring oil on glue traps loosens the adhesive and sets the mouse free, which we did, but watching this bitch hobble off into the cold, rainy night was still super depressing.

he was the best-fed mouse in town. his diet included, but was not limited to: organic granola, organic pasta, various organic cereals, organic chips, organic cookies, and organic cheese. dude once polished off four entire bags of newman’s own organic popcorn in one sitting. now he’s going to be eating out of garbage cans, if he’s eating at all.

good luck, mouse-guy. you were a worthy adversary.

:: raises glass ::

(here’s a photo, for posterity’s sake: mouse)