Alright, this will probably sound pompous and retarded, but it’s Grand Theory Time, bitches.

So like…every album is an adventure, and each song on that album is like a quest or storyline running through one of its testosterone/estrogen-soaked veins. The act of interacting with your music, DJ’ing in particular, is more or less the same concept as playing a videogame: you’re experiencing a narrative that, ideally, and no matter how vague or ambiguous, you are re-ordering and interacting with in real time. This could mean picking your next mission in GTA, your fighter’s flying path in Zaxxon, your combination of kicks and punches in Soul Calibur 3, whatever gets you all fired up–or, that is, spinning records in an order and on a level/of a style you can relate to.

Slightly different interfaces, but both examples of organic, interactive storytelling (fuck the word organic, but still, you feel me right?).