Paris Hilton’s debut pop effort has been sabotaged in the UK by a guerrilla graffiti artist.

Banksy, who has become notorious for his painted pranks, smuggled 500 doctored copies of the hotel heiress’ first album into music stores around Britain.

The CDs see Hilton’s sugary pop overwritten by Banksy’s own beats, while the album artwork has been altered so that Hilton’s face is replaced by her dog and the track listing reads as a series of inane questions, including, “Why am I famous?”

On the album cover Banksy’s digital wizardry has repositioned Hilton’s dress to expose her breasts.

The street artist’s musical composition features Hilton’s catch phrase “That’s hot!” dubbed over 40 minutes of a basic rhythm track.

Credits on the CD point the finger at Banksy and a collaborator called Mr. DM — thought to be Danger Mouse, one half of Gnarls Barkley.

The credit reads, “I want to thank Dr. Dre for introducing me to the amazing talented couple Banksy and Mister DM, had so much fun working and writing with you both.”

The CDs, meanwhile, are attracting big bids on eBay.

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