from a recent email (names changed to protect the innocent):

“I had a crazy night last night. I went to a party at my friend’s house for his GF’s birthday. I had at least 4 vodka drinks and a shot of vodka. Then I went to see the Clipse. I ran into my friend John and his friend Jane I had a couple beers. Then we went to a party at Sam’s friend Emily’s. When we got there, we were told it was ending. It wasn’t exactly clear why, but I think it might have had to do with Sam’s friend Tom doing a kegstand and knocking everything off a shelf with his flailing feet. We – Sam, John, Jane, this guy Alex, some other dude and me then went to a bar, had another beer and a shot. Everyone leaves except for me and Jane. She goes back to my place (I think I asked if she wanted to smoke pot). We start making out. I get up and throw up in my kitchen sink. She decides to leave.