sorry i don’t usually post aim conversations on here, but this one was particularly idiotic:

ben: did a major workout last night
ben: im gettin massive
ben: i look like a video game char now
ben: one that kicks azz
ben: did “squats”
evan: lol
evan: do you look bigger
ben: yea
ben: way more muscle definition
ben: my trainer tho
ben: was wearing a pirate costume
ben: looked like a video game char
ben: like super diesel
ben: in a pirate costume
ben: i want to be like that
evan: wow
evan: thats literally the gayest thing ive heard all year
evan: congrats man
evan: “first prize”
ben: lol
ben: nah man
evan: no….yes
ben: if it was gay it would be like
ben: “yo he was hot”
ben: its more like i want to look like that
evan: dude the whole situation
evan: personal trainer
evan: pirate
evan: diesel
evan: like something from arrested development
ben: lmao
evan: its ok man
evan: we can still be friends
evan: over the internet