callmealf: you guys still playing gears multiplayer?
Tomobiki: oh yeah, MP all the way.
Tomobiki: i think we usually try to play at 11 or so every night.
callmealf: oh nice
Tomobiki: you should try it out.
Tomobiki: nice guys.
Tomobiki: some are super good.
callmealf: your crush?
Tomobiki: hahahaha… havne’t seen him in a long time online.
Tomobiki: but that’s okay.
Tomobiki: because i could crush him.
Tomobiki: with a grenade and a shotgun.
callmealf: crush your crush!
Tomobiki: exactly!
Tomobiki: with blunt trauma force.
Tomobiki: because nothing says “i think you’re cute” like a chainsaw to the face.
callmealf: lol
Tomobiki: we were joking in the office about doing a “missed connections” equivalent for xbox live…
Tomobiki: i saw you
Tomobiki: in call of duty mp
Tomobiki: you were holding the rocket launcher
Tomobiki: and i can’t remember
Tomobiki: if your gamertag
Tomobiki: ended in XX45
Tomobiki: or 400X
Tomobiki: i thought we made a connection
Tomobiki: msg me
callmealf: lmao