in LA rain comes rarely and is greeted with much excitement, like one-wipe bowel movements, or perhaps rainfalls of free money in other places. when it does come, it almost always comes at night. for this reason, i have deduced that it makes the most sense to have access to a covered parking spot, protecting your car from the evening rains that bring the dirty and force you to get your car washed (with soap).

did some quick math and figured out that if i had covered parking, i would be the proud and rich saver of at least $40 a year in US currency from unnecessary trips to the sudsy vehicular heaven known as the car wash, which would in return provide me at least one night of semi-public drunkenness and the subsequent drunken drive home in my clean car. perhaps more importantly, i wouldn’t have people constantly asking about my career in off-road rally racing, which is, in fact, nonexistent.

here’s a new giantmecha jam, built for (clean or dirty) car stereos and high volumes.