[andre 3000]

talk it out like a usher
if you say real talk i prolly won’t trust ya
if you wanna go to war, the guns my pleasure
even jesus had twelve disciples on the level,
peummm, pyou don’t want naw dega three-thou
i’m like jury duty, you’re new to this part of town
your white tee, well to me, looks like a nightgown
make ya mama proud, take that thing two sizes down
then you look like the man that you are, or what you could be
i could give a damn ’bout your car, but then i would be
if it was considered a classic before the drastic change
in production when cars were metal, instead of plastic value
is what i’m talkin about
take two of these and walk it out
you be the reason they talk it out
you can’t be the king in the parkin’ lot
not sayin i’m the best, but till they find something better
i am here, no fear, write me a letter
’till then

bonus: weezy f. baby verse (set to naruto for some reason)