So Complex magazine has this article with Brett Ratner talking about some of the more memorable videos he’s done. It’s pretty good, but it becomes fucking excellent when he talks about the hot mess that is the Wu-Tang “Triumph” video. In particular, how the group went to Europe after shooting and left Ghostface behind, asking him to make sure the white devil didn’t fuck up the video editing. Ghostface eventually ends up living at Ratner’s house for a month, and, well, this happened:

“So a month goes by, and I would edit all day, and Ghost would just chill at my house until we finished. A month later, I’m with my girlfriend in the backyard, and the cat starts going fucking crazy and starts digging into the dirt. We dig up a bucket of fried chicken. Ghost buried a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken in the backyard. How fuckin’ freaky is that?”

– from my friend Pete