I don’t like preaching (or even typing), so I’ll keep this short for all ten of you who actually check this blog. I just got finished reading Eating Animals, and it was the most upsetting thing I’ve read as an adult. I’m not being hyperbolic.


The atrocities taking place in factory farms across America would make you cry if you saw them with your own eyes — but you can’t, because the corporations that run them don’t let you see inside their torture mills. Pigs, which are smarter than cats and dogs, are confined to metal cages so small they literally cannot move. They live their entire life in severe pain and misery. The bars of their crates are coated with blood from their attempts to bite their way out. Still-alive pigs are regularly thrown into dumpsters full of dead pigs. The vast majority of these pigs have large abscesses and open wounds all over their bodies, and no veterinarians around to treat them. Humans only came upon factory farming in the last 60 years, and the only reason it continues is corporate obfuscation and capitalism run amok. It is grisly, horrifying stuff.


I can’t communicate all of this in a short post, but Eating Animals is extremely well researched and, in my opinion, absolutely essential reading. If you would like to read the book, leave a comment below and I’ll happily buy you a copy. Leave your address, or email it to me.


PS – I know meat is tasty; if you must eat it, please only buy it from responsible farms like Niman Ranch. A full 99% of meat in the US comes from factory farms, and if you eat it, you are directly supporting one of the worst crimes our species has ever committed.


PPS – If you can’t get through the above video, you shouldn’t be eating factory farmed meat. Ever. It’s really that simple.