Dining With Chris Farley


Lowe would experience career highs appearing in a string of films featuring SNLalumni, including Wayne’s World, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, andTommy Boy. After a long day shootingTommy Boy, Lowe is sitting with co-stars David Spade and Chris Farley at Barbarian’s Steak House. According to Lowe, Farley “has a shot of espresso before every closeup” and also has a gargantuan appetite. At the dinner, Lowe and Spade stare in disbelief as Farley devours two gigantic porterhouse steaks. “On the table are those old-school, iced individual squares of butter. Chris places an entire square on top of each bite of both his steaks,” recalls Lowe. (Pg. 270) “Chris! What the hell!” said Lowe. Farley puts another cube of butter on top of another mouthful, and, giggling like a baby, says, “It needs a hat!”



Golf With Bill Murray


In 1989, Lowe jets off to Paris to screen-test for a part in a Roman Polanski project opposite Jack Nicholson called Pirates. As he’s wandering around his opulent Parisian hotel, a door opens and Bill Murray’s head pops out. “I thought I heard room service,” says Murray, who is in the midst of working on The Razor’s Edge. “These frogs are driving me crazy. Wanna watch some golf?” (Pg. 182) And Lowe ends up getting to watch golf with the star of one of his favorite movies,Caddyshack, describing Murray as “funny as hell.” When they part ways, Lowe says, “Thanks for letting me hang out,” to which Murray replies, “Thanks for not stealing my wallet.” Later, when Lowe is leaving the hotel to return to Los Angeles, he finds a leather-bound first edition of The Complete History of Pirates at his door, with an inscription that reads:To Rob—All the best on your movie.Your pal,Bill Murray.


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