"You don’t have to say it. I know I’m gorgeous."

"Fried pork skins are one of my favorite snacks! I’d eat this entire bag in one sitting if my humans weren’t such hogs!"

"I dare you to come sit on MY couch."

"Why is my cat sister, Jasmine on MY TOWER? She should be glad I’m a nice sister who shares things… sometimes."

"This is my newest friend and I! I can’t wait for our next play date!"

"I know I’m still teething, but what do you mean this isn’t how you use a cell phone? Anyways, I’m going to nap now! Ta ta!"

"I do love me a good laundry basket!"

"I’m a princess and I rule my house!"

"I stole my Daddy’s chair when he got up and turned his back away from me. Who wants to come play with me??"


Her name is Sassy and she’s the cutest albino raccoon you have ever seen.

Photos by ©Sassy the “Polar Bear” Raccoon