Weed Whacker vs Scythe. [video]


What a farce. Not only is the contest weighted towards the scythe because Weed Whackers are meant for edging and trimming of WEEDS in hard to reach places, not thick grass, but the scythe cut that patch super uneven and it looks like absolute shit. The WeedWhacker took slightly longer but did a much neater, better job with less effort. 

Really thought he comparison is absurd, Nobody would ever use a WeedWhacker to replace a scythe, they do completely different things, just like you’d never use a scythe to cut down weeds growing out of a sidewalk. If it’s for trimming a lawn it should be against a lawnmower, which would fucking destroy it, and if it’s for harvesting hay it should be against a combine harvester, which would destroy it exponentially more.

This is nothing more than lies and propaganda from butthurt scythelovers and I for one will not stand for it.

unrest in the grass fandom