Repost @jane_doe7x ??? This is a testimony of a slaughterhouse worker quoted from the book Slaughterhouse by Gail Eisnitz. It's heartbreaking. People just say the words humane slaughter with no real thought about it. Over 99% of meat sold in America comes from factory farms, where there isn't one existing federal law to protect the animals raised for consumption. There are thousands of animals within the one facility that will be slaughtered and processed into meat products. Hundreds of animals have to be killed per hour which means they are mass stunned. The problem with this is the workers get confused or are just careless to which animals they have and haven't stunned, so they miss a lot of targets. A lot of animals don't get stunned. Another problem with mass stunning is that by the time the stunned animals are being hung for slaughter or dropped in the hair removal tanks they have regained conscious before of during knife sticking or being dropped in the scalding water of the tanks. This is exactly what happened to the poor pig in this picture, regained consciousness once inside the tank. Death was excruciating. There is no excuse for this. No one needs to eat meat to survive and be healthy, quite the opposite. People who are otherwise caring pay for and consume these abused animals with no thought to how the animals were raised and killed. As consumers we are not innocent bystanders to their abuse. Like it or not if you pay for and consume meat products you're paying for horrific suffering and animal abuse. There are so many great vegan alternatives. Please shop with compassion. GO VEGAN ? #vegan #pork #bacon #beef #steak #meat #mcdonalds #burgerking #steakhouse #imlovinit #pizzahut #pepperoni #hotdog #equality #janedoe7x #feminism #prolife #sausage #recipes #jamieoliver #roast #barbecue #foodshare #healthyeating #fitnessfreak #porkchops #pulledpork #porkbelly #dinnertime

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