Nothing like grandma’s cooking to warm the heart and soul. ???? ?@peanut_butta_cupz @lola_medys ??? “Lola Medys Vegan Experiment. Both my Grandmother and myself suffered for many years with diabetes we both were injecting insulin daily at one point. I honestly hated with a passion all the pills and injections we had to go through, not knowing how to completely get rid of it. All the doctors said good diet and exercise, not actually explaining why it happens. Sure everyone thinks it's from all the sugar consumption but it's actually from all the saturated animal fats blocking the cells from absorbing the sugars and turning it to energy. I then adopted a plant based diet with the help of my dad who was doing it for a few years already. Did alot of research and watched a lot of videos and documentaries about vegans and came to the conclusion that it's very simple. Vegan food is all about seasoning and textures. My grandmother was skeptical about trying it but I asked her what her favorite dishes are and I told her we would veganize them. Little did I know that I would rediscover my passion for cooking and helping the people I loved. Thus #LolaMedys was born. #veganizeyourculture #veganfoodshare #veganfilipinofood #vegankarekare #vegancornedbeef here’s a kare kare cut of the day. Full vid comin soon as well as "corned beef" video from @veganfoodshare. Please follow us on our journey at @lola_medys stay tuned for pop up dates ???” ? El Michels Affair – C.R.E.A.M.

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