Mankind is so deranged, narcissistic, and heartless. Please don’t be one of the people who support this. BE VEGAN. #Repost @joey_carbstrong ??? A very disturbing world we live in where a dead mother and her children can be left on display in a butcher for humans to buy and eat their flesh. – You might be a meat eater looking at this picture thinking how disgusting and cruel this is. You might be looking at these animals and feel empathy and sadness for them. You might be thinking- “I’d never buy that, that’s disgraceful and meat shouldn’t be allowed to be displayed like that.” – But if you do consume animal flesh, what is the difference in buying and eating the flesh when it’s detached from the body in a neatly wrapped package? You probably eat bacon, ham and sausages without a second thought, right? Why does this picture make you feel sick and angry instead of hungry? – The truth is many humans are so disconnected from the process of where their food is coming from, that merely showing them the dead animals in their full form is enough to shock them. A true carnivore/omnivore would never be disturbed at the sight of a murdered animal, they’d salivate and consume the body parts RAW- blood, bone, tendons, brains and all. – We need to stop kidding ourselves. We need to stop believing the lie that we are instinctual killers. Humans are innately compassionate beings. We care about animals and we can empathise with their pain. We get sad and angry at the sight of animal abuse. We love our dogs and cats like family. We’ve just been tricked into believing that some animals were put here for us to murder and eat or that we have some biological need to consume their flesh for our survival. – These are all lies told by industry. For the most part, we are all against animal cruelty, and IT IS cruel to end the life of someone, no matter how ‘nicely’ it’s done. – We are all vegans at heart, it’s just time we aligned our actions with that. End the violence in your life. Be vegan. – Try a vegan challenge here @_challenge22_

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