LA Times.

From CLAW:

We are very sad to share the news that the mountain lion known as P-78 has died after succumbing to injuries resulting from a car collision. This is another case in a long list of regional tragedies that emphasize the importance for habitat connectivity. If our wildlife cannot disperse from one habitat area to another without a high risk of getting hit by a car, they will not be able to thrive. This is why CLAW emphatically advocates for a wildlife crossing in Liberty Canyon, a Pilot Wildlife Corridor Ordinance in Los Angeles, and endangered species status for mountain lions throughout Southern California. 

P-78’s death is also another reminder of the dangers of rodent poisons (rodenticides). It is a possibility that P-78 was in a weakened state as a result of multiple poisons in his body, which may have led to him being more susceptible to a car collision. Alarmingly, out of 28 local mountain lions that have been tested by the National Park Service, 27 have tested positive for exposure to rodenticide.