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From CLAW:

We are very sad to share the news that the mountain lion known as P-78 has died after succumbing to injuries resulting from a car collision. This is another case in a long list of regional tragedies that emphasize the importance for habitat connectivity. If our wildlife cannot disperse from one habitat area to another without a high risk of getting hit by a car, they will not be able to thrive. This is why CLAW emphatically advocates for a wildlife crossing in Liberty Canyon, a Pilot Wildlife Corridor Ordinance in Los Angeles, and endangered species status for mountain lions throughout Southern California. 

P-78’s death is also another reminder of the dangers of rodent poisons (rodenticides). It is a possibility that P-78 was in a weakened state as a result of multiple poisons in his body, which may have led to him being more susceptible to a car collision. Alarmingly, out of 28 local mountain lions that have been tested by the National Park Service, 27 have tested positive for exposure to rodenticide.

Current Affairs.

“The most direct and effectual response to the existential planetary threat posed by the industrial exploitation of animals is mass boycott. We cannot afford to wait for government regulation or corporate innovation. We should see this not simply as an individual choice, but rather a collective act”


“He recruited gently and lovingly — but supremely effectively — dozens and dozens of people, including his parents, to the practice of not eating animals, and it will be hard to find anyone his age who has turned more carnivores into vegans than him. (He also cheerfully opposed sectarian holier-than-thou sanctimoniousness among a handful of vegans he met and would say, ‘I’m working for a vegan world, not a vegan club.’)”



“We’ve been hearing stories like this ever since it happened,” Raskin tells Weekend Edition. “I mean, Tommy, he felt all of the pain and the suffering in the world, which is how, of course, he found his way quickly to vegetarianism. Nobody in our family was a vegetarian, and now everybody is.”